This post is long overdue. I am sorry for the delay. The audio recording of this poem is below so you can scroll down to listen to it while you go through the words. May the good Lord answer our prayers. 

Dear Lord,
I come to you this day with a broken heart 
And with so much to say
I am on my knees.
My palms are placed together and 
My fingers are tightly interlocked. 
My head is bowed and 
My eyes are closed.
Where am I to start
I haven't been so good lately 
And I don’t feel good 
I am torn in three
One part of me is confused
The other is lost and 
The last part seems to be drowning in apathy 
Right now it seems like my world 
And everything around me is falling apart
I want to try to fix things but
I can not do it on my own
I have to trust someone
Lord it is you that I look up to 
I love you and I trust you 
You are God and you keep
Your promises
It is not like you can not break them
Because you can do everything
But I know you won’t 
Because I cling unto you
Lord you are my source 
You are the source of my being 
 lay your hands upon me 
Today and heal me
Heal my heart
Heal my emotions 
Heal my spirit
Heal my body
Heal my soul
Lord you are my source
You are the strength for my day
The wisdom for my task
You are the comfort for my soul
The grace for my battles
And provision for each need
You are my understanding for each failure 
And my assistance for every encounter
You are my source
The source of everything
I have come so 
My source can resuscitate me
Please fix me
Please hold my hand and
Help me. .. help me walk through this
I think I have more to say but 
I just can't put them into words
You see me Lord
Not just how I look 
How I speak or what I do
But you see my heart Lord and 
You know what I need
Do unto me O’ Lord that which my heart desires
Restore strength, zeal, passion and peace
Above all let your will be done
I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, amen 


Psalm 23:1 The Lord is my shepherd: I shall lack nothing.
Isaiah 40:30-31 Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.
I abide in Christ and in doing so I find rest and the peace of God which passes all understanding fills my heart and life. - John Hunter
He is the source. Of everything. Strength for your day. Wisdom for your task. Comfort for my soul. Grace for your battle. Provision for each need. Understanding for each failure. Assistance for every encounter. - Jack Hayford

This is a recording of my poem titled; "A PRAYER TO MY SOURCE". I was partly inspired by the piano tune from an app called 'Relax Melodies'. The piano tune is played in the background. No copyright infringement intended.

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