This poem is an expression of someone's thoughts, feelings and actions. It is narrated by that person to a long lost friend that he/she just reunited with. The recording of this poem is below you can scroll down to listen to it while going through the words. Enjoy!


I woke up with a heavy heart. 
I turned and looked. 
Staring out of the window. 
Behold the beauty of nature. 
I saw the stars showing their glittering faces
And the moon appearing so comely 
Though intending to say a warm goodbye.
I thought of life . I thought of myself.
I had a long way to go. I had burdens to trade. 
I had no supporter, mentor, or friend. 
I had a nostalgic feeling when I clearly remembered 
My good old friends and 
Then my sweet pain multiplied.
I lived a lonely life. 
Not because Mr. hatred had taken full occupancy
But because there was truly no one to love
Or so I believed
I tried to put my brain to test 
Though flipping through the pages of 
My really stuffed memory 
Was not a thing to joke about.
I thought of my past, my old environment. 
Then I tried thinking of all the people
That I have seen. met or ever had an encounter with
Trying to figure out the friends I had
Did i really have a friend? 
A being so close to my heart?
I needed just six letters to take me
Away from my lonely world.. 
A world where I acted as both the servant
And the master and king in dominance. 
A sad, steel and loveless life 
Which I guessed was close to its end.
I had concentrated on my body 
And it seemed as though I had 
Completely erased thoughts of my soul.
I had a friend. Yeah. ..
I was reminded about you. 
I recalled that there was someone like you. 
A special person who really deserves to be called
Regarded and known as a friend.
The one I itched for and I really needed. 
The door was flung open. And behold I saw you. 
My hidden dimples forced their way through and
Alas I smiled.
I had got what I needed, a friend. 
Yeah. .. You are indeed a friend!

A true friend is distinguished in the crises of hazard and necessity; when he gallantry of his aid may show the worth of his soul and the loyalty of his heart- ENNIUS


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