There I was, down and out
I was really sad and lonely
The sorrow within unveiled easily
A glimpse at me could tell it all
I was so down wasn’t afraid to fall

I was all alone, with no one to hold
I was lost, frustrated and confused
I needed to go but I knew not the path to follow
Then He came along
And showed me the way
As though that was not enough
He walked down with me guiding me
Just as a good shepherd would for his sheep

Yea when I was depressed
Dejected and rejected by all
He came to me
Pulled me out of the sand
And gave me his hand
I was greatly amazed
All I could do was put forth a gaze
He put forth His shoulder
For me to lean on
He wiped away my tears
And took away my fears
While in his arms
He made me understand
That I am so dear to Him
So I need not bear such pain
Co’s that would be making
His death to be all in vain

They took a race to tear his lace
Yet He bore the shame
He was even betrayed
They got him beaten and battered
Inflicting great pain time and time again
That phase He had to face
He didn’t have to fight
Even when he was right
The pain was unending
And the burden far from light
His mother was right in sight
Yet He didn’t walk away
He had to go through it all
To ensure that we are saved
He died so that you and I could see the light
And this journey of life would be alright

The reason why I shouldn’t rejoice I know not of
For He has strengthened me
He has brought peace and comfort to my soul
Through His divine grace I was saved
From severe pain, shame and disgrace

So here I am; glad, saved and lifted
His melody has he put in my mouth
Oh! New songs shall I sing unto Him
For this is the start of a new era
That of unending joy
O great people
Join me to sing unto the Lord, please
Let us raise our voices in praise
To our King and Master
Let us continually worship Him
All our days and years to come
Yea! Let us give praise to the Ancient of Days!