Hi guys. How has the new year been so far. Hope it has been good. Here is another poem. It is quite short. 

I had on a long white gown
It was the perfect cinch waist dress
And it was well adorned with
Red diamonds
Okay, fine!
Glittering diamond-like stones
He had on a well tailored white suit
With a sharp black bow tie
We sat at the middle part of 
The long royal hall close to the window
And boy I tell you
The scenery was exquisite
We ate similar meals
We both drank red wine
I didn't hear everything he said
But the words I heard
Kept me fascinated
At the end of the 'noble' dinner event
As people walked around
Exchanging pleasantries
And nodding their heads
Countless times
I held his strong hands and 
Looked into his bright blue eyes
And I said to my beloved
It was a great pleasure 
Spending time with you
He paused staring at me
Mmnnn. .. A thousand and one 
Butterflies danced in my stomach
Then turning to his right he said; 
"What? Get this stalker out of here!"

Hope you liked it. Enjoy the rest of your day.